Breakdown of the AFFF Foam Lawsuit

Breakdown of the AFFF Foam Lawsuit


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Key Highlights Of AFFF Foam Lawsuit

Over the years, lawsuits against organizations involved in the manufacturing and use of AFFF (aqueous film-forming foam) have brought attention to the harmful effects of firefighting foam and the need for accountability. Here is a breakdown of some notable settlements that have taken place:

  • 3M Settlement:
    In 2018, 3M, one of the major manufacturers of AFFF, agreed to pay $850 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the State of Minnesota. The settlement aimed to address environmental and natural resource damages caused by PFAS chemicals, including those found in AFFF.
  • DuPont Settlement:
    In 2017, DuPont, another prominent manufacturer of AFFF, reached a settlement of $671 million to resolve claims related to PFAS contamination, including those involving firefighting foam. The settlement aimed to compensate affected individuals and communities and fund medical monitoring programs.
  • Other Manufacturer Settlements:
    Various other manufacturers of AFFF have faced lawsuits and reached settlements, although the details and amounts may vary. These settlements aim to provide compensation to individuals who have suffered health effects due to exposure to firefighting foam.
Key Highlights Of AFFF Foam Lawsuit
Key Highlights Of AFFF Foam Lawsuit

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