Frequently asked

How does De La Rosa Law stay up-to-date with evolving legal landscapes?

Our forward-thinking approach allows us to anticipate trends and adapt to changes in the legal environment. We integrate robust data and research into the process, striving to provide the best representation for our clients.

What kind of legal cases does De La Rosa Law take on?

De La Rosa Law handles a wide range of cases including mass torts, class actions, personal injury involving commercial vehicles, data breaches, cybersecurity issues, consumer product disputes, dangerous drugs and devices cases, and toxic torts.

What is the process for scheduling an initial consultation with De La Rosa Law?

To schedule an initial consultation with De La Rosa Law, you can contact us (hyperlink this) to speak with one of our intake specialists to answer a few questions regarding your case. Once this is done, they will assist you with scheduling time to speak to one of our attorneys.

How should I prepare for the initial consultation with De La Rosa Law?

It is helpful to have a list of questions written out and space to write notes. This will help you remember the lawyer’s answers and your thoughts. It also helps to bring documents related to your case if you have them handy.

What can I expect from my lawyer once I've hired De La Rosa Law?

Once you’ve hired an attorney from De La Rosa, your case becomes our case. We will provide legal advice, and keep you informed about the progress of your case every step of the way. You are our priority and we seek to protect your interests.

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