Univision Interview: Inside the Battle for a New House Speaker

Univision Interview: Inside the Battle for a New House Speaker


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In a recent interview on Univision, Florida lawyer and political analyst Oscar De La Rosa discussed the ongoing struggle within the Republican Party to select a new leader for the House of Representatives. With the critical role of the House in shaping U.S. policy, the inability to reach a decision has raised concerns and questions about the party’s direction.

In the wake of recent political developments in the United States, the search for a new Speaker of the House has become a battleground within the Republican Party. As the nation grapples with international crises and impending budget concerns, the need for strong leadership is paramount. This conversation delves into the complexities surrounding the GOP’s pursuit of a new House Speaker and the key players involved.

Source: Univision interview with attorney, Oscar De La Rosa (October 23rd, 2023)

A Divided Republican Party

The Republican Party finds itself divided into different factions, with varying ideologies and preferences when it comes to selecting a new House Speaker. Some members lean towards the center, adopting more moderate positions, while others align with the far-right. These divisions have created an internal conflict that impedes the party from reaching a consensus on their leadership.

The Nine Contenders

At the heart of this struggle are nine Republican candidates vying for the coveted position of House Speaker. Among these contenders, two names stand out prominently: Congressman Byron Donalds and Congressman Pete Sessions. Their prominence in this race is not only due to their political acumen but also the challenges they pose to one another.

Byron Donalds: A Rising Star

Byron Donalds, a relative newcomer to the political scene, has gained significant traction in recent times. He is dynamic, energetic, and enjoys substantial popularity within the state of Florida. His appeal extends to many who support former President Donald Trump. The question that arises is whether the Republican Party desires a fresh, dynamic, and youthful leader who can bring renewed vigor to the party.

Pete Sessions: The Experienced Hand

In contrast, Pete Sessions boasts an extensive political career, having served in Congress since 2003. His experience in the political arena is a testament to his deep understanding of the intricacies of governance. The choice to support Sessions reflects a desire for a seasoned leader who can navigate the complexities of the role with finesse.

The Trump Factor

Former President Donald Trump looms large over this race, as several candidates have sought his counsel and support. Trump, despite claiming he won’t endorse a specific candidate, still wields substantial influence within the Republican Party. Many of his ardent supporters closely watch his actions, ready to follow his lead when he makes a decision.

The Urgency of the Matter

As each day passes without a new House Speaker, the situation becomes increasingly urgent. The United States currently faces international conflicts in regions like Ukraine and Israel, and the possibility of running out of approved funds on November 17 looms large. The absence of effective leadership exacerbates the crisis, jeopardizing critical issues such as funding for veterans and Medicare.


The quest for a new House Speaker among the Republican Party is far from over. The party’s internal divisions and the presence of both dynamic newcomers and seasoned veterans make the decision complex. The looming influence of former President Donald Trump adds an extra layer of intrigue to the situation.

The urgency of the matter cannot be overstated, as the nation navigates critical international conflicts and budgetary challenges. The Republican Party’s ability to reach a consensus on this issue and select a new House Speaker will significantly impact the direction of the United States. Time is of the essence.