Understanding Facebook Protect

Understanding Facebook Protect


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Let’s start from the beginning. Facebook Protect was introduced in 2019 and acts as a fortified shield for accounts with a heightened risk of being hacked. 

Initially catering to government officials, the program expanded its ambit in 2021 to include individuals vulnerable to malicious targeting, such as journalists and human rights advocates.

Why Do I Have to Activate It?

If you’ve received a notification urging you to activate Facebook Protect, it’s because Facebook has identified your account as potentially susceptible to security breaches. 

This proactive measure aims to preemptively safeguard your account against unauthorized access and malicious activities.

How Does Facebook Protect Work?

Qualified users will receive an in-app notification or an email asking them to take action. 

  • To avoid phishing attempts, always make sure that this communication is sent from 

After being notified Facebook is going to require you to use stronger passwords and adopt a two-factor authentication procedure. 

All of these recommendations allow users to bolster their account security effortlessly and serve as formidable barriers against unauthorized access and as a safeguard against sensitive personal information leaks.

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What Happens If I Don’t Activate It

Failure to activate Facebook Protect within the stipulated time frame could result in a temporary suspension of your account until the necessary security measures are implemented. 

It’s imperative to heed these warnings to avoid disruptions to your Facebook experience.

How to Activate Facebook Protect

Eligible users can activate it by navigating to their profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and selecting:

Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login > Facebook Protect > Get Started. 

For others keen on enhancing their account security, enabling two-factor authentication is a prudent step.


Q: Can I Opt-Out of Facebook Protect?

A: While Facebook Protect is designed to enhance account security, participation is voluntary. However, opting out may leave your account vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Q: Is Facebook Protect Only for High-Profile Users?

A: While initially targeted at government officials and high-profile individuals, it includes protection for a broader spectrum of users deemed at risk of malicious targeting.

Q: Will Facebook Protect Impact My User Experience?

A: Activating it should not significantly impact your user experience. Instead, it offers peace of mind knowing that your account is fortified against potential security threats.

Final Thoughts 

Facebook Protect is a robust defense mechanism designed to fortify your digital presence. By activating Facebook Protect, you’re not merely enhancing your account’s security; you’re proactively safeguarding your personal information and maintaining control over your digital footprint.

Now that you have the steps for activating it and the knowledge about why you should have it, embrace this proactive approach, and do not worry about your digital security, you’re well-equipped to face any challenges that may arise.

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